Jenny’s Wedding

Character: Kitty
Directed by: Mary Agnes Donoghue
Written by: Mary Agnes Donoghue
Produced by: Mary Agnes Donoghue, Gail Levin, Michelle Manning
Other cast: Katherine Heigl, Tom Wilkinson, Linda Emond, Grace Gummer, Sam McMurray, Diana Hardcastle
Release date: 31 July 2015
Genre: Comedy, Drama
Running time: 94 minutes

Jenny Farrell is the only one her siblings in the family who has yet to marry; facing concern and pressure from her parents and siblings to find someone. Jenny tired of trying to be setup and gossip lashes back at her sister, Anne that for all she knew she could be in a relationship. Anne speculates that she must be seeing a married man since she has never brought the person home. Jenny admits to her father she has found the right person and does want to get married, but doesn't know if there is a wedding in the near future. Later, she clarifies to her relieved mother that she is not involved with a married man. Jenny's father tells her mother that the man she is seeing is not willing to commit, leading them to conclude he must be married and the reason for her secretive ways. Jenny desire to be married and raise a family sparks her to pop the question herself. Now, Jenny must tell her parents that she has been in a relationship for 5 years and kept it secret for fear they wouldn't approve. Jenny confides to her parents her future spouse is someone who they have known for many years and has been close to the family. Jenny's revelation changes the Farrell family's traditional Midwestern life forever and threatens to tear their family apart if they let it.