Rumored new project

According to Alexis is rumored to be in a new project called Sleepaway Camp Reunion. Other stars that are rumored to be connected to the project are The Big Bang Theory star Kaley Cuoco, Drake Bell and Eli Marienthal.

Here’s the plot has posted.

Following the events of Return to Sleepaway Camp, “Reunion” focuses on the long-awaited return of Aunt Martha as well as Ricky and Angela Baker.

Please note that this is a rumour and nothing is confirmed yet.

Huge ‘The Good Guy’ update

Guys so exciting, I have lots of The Good Guy news (remember, the movie which had a screening last year during the Tribeca Film Fest?). First of all, there is a release date anounced for the USA. The Good Guy will be in theatres on February 19 (this year). There is also a poster as you can see in the image above. And the most exciting news, the official trailer came out and Alexis looks so great in the movie, I can’t wait to see it. I added screencaptures of the trailer to the gallery.

Gallery Links:
The Good Guy poster
The Good Guy trailer screencaptures

‘I’m Reed Fish’ screencaptures

I finally got my hands on a copy of Alexis’ movie I’m Reed Fish and I made screencaptures of it. I must say that I absolutely adore this movie so if you haven’t seen it (yet) I really recommend you watch it.

Gallery Links:
I’m Reed Fish screencaptures