Alexis joins live staged reading of “College Republicans”

TheWrap is reporting that Alexis has joined a live staged reading of “College Republicans”. The reading takes places on April 23.

Mae Whitman and Alexis Bledel will star as Karl Rove and Lee Atwater in a live staged reading of Wes Jones’ script “College Republicans,” which topped the Black List in 2010.

Tyler Hoechlin, Skylar Astin, Chace Crawford, Zach Woods and Shannon Woodward will also star in the reading, which will take place at the Montalban Theater in Hollywood on April 23, 2016 at 8 p.m.

In Jones’ buddy comedy based on true events, aspiring politician Karl Rove (Whitman) wants to become the next national chairman of the College Republicans — but the odds are stacked against him. He and his new campaign manager Lee Atwater (Bledel) set off on a road trip to drum up support before the vote and discover some dirty tricks along the way before ending up at the contested College Republican National Convention.

In a further twist, given the current political climate and questions about gender in Hollywood looming large, the lead roles of Lee Atwater and Karl Rove have been gender flipped, with Whitman and Bledel starring as the Republican political operatives.

“At this moment in American political history, there is quite literally no more appropriate script for a Black List live reading than Wes Jones’ ‘College Republicans.’ And given the GOP’s record on women’s issues, gender flipping Atwater and Rove feels particularly appropriate,” said Black List founder Franklin Leonard. “Wondering what a contested GOP convention might look like in July? Come find out on April 23.”

Jones, who will also direct the reading, currently writes for Showtime’s “Billions.” “So excited to be a part of the Black List and bringing this script to life on the stage! As the 2016 election cycle has laid bare the absurdities of our system, there’s no better time for ‘College Republicans,’” said Jones.

Alexis joins industry reading of “Sacrilegious”

Sacrilegious, a new play written by Academy Award-winning screenwriter Tom Schulman (Dead Poets Society), will receive two industry readings in New York on May 7 and 8. Andy Sandberg (Application Pending) directs.

The reading’s cast features Tony nominee and Drama Desk winner Reed Birney (Casa Valentina), Alexis Bledel (Mad Men), Tony nominee Rob McClure (Honeymoon in Vegas), Kevin Pariseau (Legally Blonde), and Kenneth Tigar (Fish in the Dark).

In Sacrilegious, “Billionaire David Katz (Birney), once convicted of felonies for his financial misdeeds, donates twenty million dollars to his temple provided they name their school after him. Young, newly installed rabbi Mark Pickerman (McClure) strenuously objects and offers the congregation an alternative option. A struggle for the hearts and minds of the congregation — as well as those of Katz, Rabbi Pickman, and Katz’s beautiful daughter Elissa (Bledel) — ensues.”


Alexis Bledel, Set for the Stage – Interview Magazine

In the new play Regrets it’s the year 1954 and a group of men escape to a Nevada retreat where they can wallow in their marital misfortunes in peace and secure a quick divorce. In a place where “no girls allowed” is a dictum, not a mantra, Alexis Bledel’s character, Chrissie Meyers, is vivacious and sexy. A townie, Chrissie is an object of desire to a pack of lonely men, and she’ll sleep with them for money, but it doesn’t take long to realize she is also innocent despite herself—the type of girl who sweeps in on her bicycle, all smiles. She wears her reputation like she can shed it at any time.

Probably best known for her roles in the television series Gilmore Girls and the films The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants and Robert Redford’s The Conspirator, Bledel takes on her first original role for the stage in Regrets. On her day off, she spoke with Interview about working with playwright Matt Charman, playing a not-so-wholesome young woman, and how much she is loving theater.

MERYL CATES: The full cast for Regrets was announced before previews. How long have you been working with each other?

ALEXIS BLEDEL: I think its been almost about a month now. Nearly a month—I think we had three weeks of rehearsals and we started previews about a week and a half ago.

CATES: Yeah, so three weeks of rehearsals—that’s a pretty quick turn-around.

BLEDEL: It was quick but we’ve had a lot of previews, which is good. So we’ve been having rehearsals before the previews.
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