“Jenny’s Wedding” Screen Captures

HD screen captures from “Jenny’s Wedding” have been added to our gallery. If you haven’t checked out the movie yet be sure to do so. “Jenny’s Wedding” is available in selected theatres and on VOD.

Alexis talks playing Kitty in “Jenny’s Wedding”

There’s good timing, and then there’s really good timing. Such is the case for Jenny’s Wedding, a new film from writer/director Mary Agnes Donoghue (Beaches) about a lesbian’s impending marriage, which debuted on July 31, just one month after the Supreme Court’s decision to legalize gay marriage nationwide. Starring Katherine Heigl as the titular Jenny, the movie deals with many of relevant issues of recent months: LGBT rights, cultural acceptance, the support of a loving partner (played by Alexis Bledel) when facing an uphill battle. Simply put, Jenny’s couldn’t have come at a better time.

“People are so excited to just see a film being made on this subject matter,” says Bledel, speaking with Bustle. “[And to see] conversations that are authentic… something that they recognize and could relate to.”

In the film, Bledel plays Kitty, the patient and understanding partner of Heigl’s Jenny. At times, it’s an unforgiving role — the movie is far more focused on Jenny’s relationship with her disapproving family than her romance with Kitty — but Bledel says she jumped at the chance to take on the part.

“When I read the script. I was like, sign me up!” she says. “I was really excited about it. I had never read anything like it.”

Bledel credits Donoghue’s passion for the project as a main reason for her interest. Donoghue based the script on events surrounding her niece, a gay woman (also named Jenny) who came out to her family and told them she wanted to get married.

“It was a story that was close to Mary Agnes’ heart,” Bledel says, adding that the movie was like the director’s “baby.” “It was personal for her.”
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“Jenny’s Wedding” Reviews Round-Up

The first couple of reviews for “Jenny’s Wedding” have been released. Given that Alexis has a supporting role outside the family in the movie the reviews focus mostly on the performances of co-star Katherine Heigl and the actors portraying her family. So far the reviews aren’t overly enthusiastic about the storyline but they do praise the cast for their performances. This post will be updated when new reviews appear online.

“And because Jenny’s romantic interests are presented strictly in terms of marriage and family, we never get a strong sense of exactly who her Ms. Right is and what their relationship is like, which seems like a considerable waste of Bledel’s talents.”
– Justin Chang, Variety

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“Jenny’s Wedding” Poster & Additional Stills

I’ve added the poster for “Jenny’s Wedding” to our gallery as well as some production stills of the movie. The movie is set to be released in theatres July 31 and will be released on VOD on August 1.