Entertainment Weekly reunion issue

Alexis Bledel and her Gilmore Girls co-star Lauren Graham are featured in the Entertainment Weekly Reunion Issue. The did a gorgeous shoot for the magazine. It is so great to see them together once again!

EW Do you think Lorelai and Luke would have had a kid?
Alexis Bledel: I think so.
Lauren Graham Oh,really? Yes, probably.
AB: Maybe, like, two.
LG: Two? Well, oh my goodness, we just got busy really fast! We didn’t even have the wedding.
AB: Well, it’s what the audience wanted.
LG: All right, well then, hey—we probably got married in year one. We’ve been away from the show three years. We had kid one in year two, and we had kid two in year three. That’s what Alexis says, and I am very overwhelmed by my toddlers.

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“The Good Guy” Star Alexis Bledel on Infiltrating Wall Street

Since August 2007, Main Street has followed Wall Street’s escapades with not-exactly-checked outrage. Even though most of us aren’t exactly sure what credit default swaps are, we know they’re bad, led to a financial crisis and somehow brought down the entire country of Greece. So hedge funder-turned-director Julio DePietro’s timing for his new movie, “The Good Guy,” which flits between the bedroom and a Wall Street firm’s trading floor, is particularly fortuitous. The movie comes out tomorrow and brings together Alexis Bledel (”Gilmore Girls,” “Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants”), Scott Porter (”Friday Night Lights”) and Bryan Greenberg (”One Tree Hill,” “How to Make It in America”). Speakeasy caught up with Bledel, Greenberg and DePietro to chat about the film.

The Wall Street Journal: In “Postgrad,” your character moves to New York for her boyfriend, and in “The Good Guy,” she ends up staying for him, potentially abandoning a great career move. Why?

Bledel: In “Postgrad,” my character Ryden can be a career woman and she can have a relationship, but she’s been inconsiderate. She realizes she loves [Zach Gilford’s character] at that point in her life and needs to go explore that further. Beth, my character in “The Good Guy,” is romantic and because she has this ideal, I think that has her feeling sort of trapped. I think it depends on whether women have it all.
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Alexis Bledel Picks ‘The Good Guy’

Alexis is wearing a cute dress off the rack at H&M and we got her to talk about modern relationships, why women pick guys who are maybe too much in charge and how she enjoyed that fact that the film is very “real”, even including a romantic love scene break to reach for a condom!

Alexis verified there will be no more “Traveling Pants” films and we talked about her very different upcoming role as a young woman living in the 1800’s in The Conspirator.

Q: Tommy and Daniel are almost polar opposites as guy types. Why do you think Beth originally goes for Tommy?

Alexis: At the beginning she has a pretty clear idea in her head about what she’s looking for in a man. I think when she meets Tommy he’s got everything she’s looking for and she’s really happy about that and she’s falling for him. But she can’t quite see (the real) him because of this ideal that she has.

So when she meets Daniel he’s probably got none of the things that she’s looking for. At first she doesn’t know what to make of him. I don’t think she meets a lot of guys like him so I think she’s really curious and as they develop a friendship she can’t figure him out. She wants to know more and that’s kind of how they start to get close.
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Alexis Bledel Ponders a ‘Gilmore Girls’ Movie

Alexis Bledel has a lot on her plate, but ‘Gilmore Girl’ fans will be happy to hear that she won’t rule out a movie adaptation. She chatted with PopEater about that possibility, and how the show kept her out of trouble while the rest of young-and-beautiful Hollywood was out in the clubs.

She also talked about her new movie ‘The Good Guy’ (out Friday), the occasional ‘Sisterhood’ reunion and what it was like working with one of Hollywood’s most handsome men, Robert Redford.

Would you bring back Rory and do a ‘Gilmore Girls’ movie?
I don’t know. I was really happy with the way they wrapped up the series in the finale and I thought they brought the story full circle. It was very satisfying for me. I don’t know what the story would be, but I would be curious to find out what it would be.

How come I never saw any photos of you drunk in clubs? How did you avoid the pitfalls?
Fatigue. I was working so many hours on that show. We worked really long hours, and I moved to LA without knowing anyone so the people you saw on the show were the people I knew. There wasn’t much clubbing going on.
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‘Be Ready to Make Mistakes in Relationships’

Alexis recently did an interview with Parade.com about The Good Guy.

Alexis Bledel left TV after Gilmore Girls to forge a new career on the big screen with the hit Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants films.

Now she’s found herself caught between two hunks in The Good Guy. Parade.com’s Jeanne Wolf discovered Bledel’s own take on finding that elusive man of her dreams.

Love isn’t always a many splendored thing.
“The Good Guy does start out with my character having this kind of ideal fantasy of romance that I think we’re encouraged to have in movies — you know, those sweeping generalizations about the power of love and how fantastic it can be. But she gets a wake-up call that kind of brings that down to Earth. Being in love is such a complex thing because when a girl falls for a guy she wants to be swept away and doesn’t want to have to think about all the realistic possibilities. But you have to walk the line and be ready to make mistakes in relationships.”

She’s made some herself.
“Sure I have. I think everybody is disappointed sometimes. I think everyone has a different perspective, a different point of view in terms of what they’re looking for. I try to just be in tune with what is right for me. Sometimes you’re right about a guy, and sometimes you’re wrong. It’s like Vegas kind of. But that’s real life.”

And so is her safe-sex love scene.
“We almost never see people dealing with a condom in a romantic moment, even though it’s a reality. I wonder why that is. I liked that scene because it sets a realistic tone. It’s not about embarrassment, but like the awkwardness that happens, especially if you’re with a guy for the first time. Actually, there are a lot of little moments in The Good Guy that felt sort of more realistic than your average romantic story.”
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