“The Phantom” Screen Captures

Last night Alexis made, once again, an appearance on Mad Men. As it was the season finale this will be the last we will see of her as Beth Dawes for now, but lucky for us she had a lot of screen time last night. Once again thanks to my friend Jasmine, who is the webmaster of James McAvoy Central and Alison Brie Web, I have been able to add captures to the gallery. Enjoy!

Q & A With Alexis on “Mad Men”

Alexis Bledel, who plays Beth Dawes on AMC’s Mad Men, speaks with AMCtv.com about her character’s sex scene with Pete Campbell and what excited her about this role.

Q: Who was your favorite character before joining the cast?

A: They’re all written so well… Peggy is an incredible character, and I remember thinking that when I first watched the show. She’s a great and rare television character. It’s been fun watching her go from Don’s secretary to coming into her own in that time period.

Q: What drew you to the part of Beth?

A: I instantly wanted to know more about her because she’s quite mysterious and she’s conflicted… I felt for her right away. She is stuck in a bad marriage that is really taking a toll on her psyche I think, so I just wanted to explore what that meant for her.
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