‘Sadie, Sadie…’

Hey guys! I’ve been working on the site all day and I am happy to inform you that except for Alexis content, the site is back. I have some plans for the Alexis content so that might take a while. I know that the site looks really messed up in IE. I’m working on it but I haven’t found a solution yet.

I also added screencaptures of the first episode of season 2 of Gilmore Girls: Sadie, Sadie… enjoy!

Gallery Links:
Screencaptures: Sadie, Sadie…

New look

I didn’t actually plan to put the new look up tonight but something was wrong with wordpress which messed up the intire site so here we are. I am fully aware that there is no content, i’m working on that. It might take a while but the content will only improve. Thanks for staying with us!