Everything we know so far about the “Gilmore Girls” revival

EW.com has made a round up with all the information we have so far about the “Gilmore Girls” revival.

Sixteen years after fans first met Lorelai and Rory Gilmore, and the rest of the eccentric residents of Stars Hollow, the series is returning to television. Netflix confirmed the Gilmore Girls revival last week, announcing a long-hoped-for final season, with series creators Amy Sherman-Palladino and Dan Palladino at the helm.

The new Gilmore Girls will give the co-creators (who left the series before its controversial seventh season) a chance to finish the story the way they intended. Here’s what we know so far.

The format
With four 90-minutes episodes, the revival will take place over the four seasons of a calendar year, beginning with the winter episode, then heading into spring, summer, and finishing with fall. It will take place in present-day, approximately eight years after we last saw everyone in the town square.

Returning cast
When the revival was announced, it was revealed that Lauren Graham (Lorelai), Alexis Bledel (Rory), Scott Patterson (Luke), Kelly Bishop (Emily), Sean Gunn (Kirk), and Keiko Agena (Lane) had signed on. A TVLine interview with Bishop reveals that the cast also includes Rose Abdoo (Gypsy) and Liza Weil (Paris).

John Cabrera, who played Brian Fuller, also tweeted his excitement. So although his name wasn’t on the confirmed list, we wouldn’t rule out an appearance by Brian/Hep Alien just yet. Additionally, Yanic Truesdale tweeted a photo from the cast’s first table read, confirming that he will be back as Michel.

Then there’s the question of Finn. Actor Tanc Sade tweeted that Finn will appear in the revival if he can make it work with his schedule. Of course, Finn was a member of the Life and Death Brigade at Yale, which points to a possible Logan Huntzberger appearance, does it not? Stay tuned…

But the biggest question surrounding the cast has to be Melissa McCarthy. Sookie played such a crucial role in the series, but McCarthy’s stardom has made it difficult for her to find the time. Amy Sherman-Palladino confirmed to TVLine that, as of right now, Sookie does not have a storyline and promises her absence will be explained. However, she also said that, if by some chance, McCarthy finds the time — even just for a cameo — they are ready and willing to write her in.

New cast
According to E! Online, the revival will feature a number of new characters, from Berta and Alejandro, a Peruvian couple, to a man who never smiles. Also in the mix are Lane’s twins, Stevie & Kwan, who are now 9 years old, along with a three or four other kids under the age of 14.

Also, there will reportedly be a bunch of hippies at a commune? Sure, why not.

Finally, there’s a magazine editor named Jim, an “eager 20-something” named Damon, a 30-something named Paul, and Dwayne, who’s simply described as being blue collar.

Richard’s absence
In her TVLine interview, Bishop also addressed how emotional it is for her to return to the show without the late Edward Herrmann (who played her husband, Richard Gilmore). That being said, Bishop did assure fans that the show will address his absence. As she said, Emily is a bit of a “raw nerve” when we meet up with her again, desperate to get through the grief of having lost her husband.

Does season 7 exist?
As Amy Sherman-Palladino explained to TVLine, they aren’t just going to act as if season 7 didn’t happen. The events of season 7 will have taken place within the world of the revival. But Sherman-Palladino also revealed that season 7 didn’t touch on a number of the stories she wanted to tell, so they can both allow season 7 to exist without it affecting their storytelling.

Rory’s love life
Amy Sherman-Palladino also told TVLine that the revival picks up with a single Rory, in the sense that she’s not married, though she does say she’s dating. As for whom she’s dating — and whether the revival will include any of Rory’s exes — Sherman-Palladino said, “Our plan is to get as many of the lovely men back as possible.” She also revealed that one of their storylines, which involved an ex, has been taken out of their hands thanks to budgetary restrictions and the like, but if they can make it work, she said, “We want to see them.”

Those final four words
One of the biggest question marks hovering over Gilmore Girls has revolved around the series’ final four words. Amy Sherman-Palladino has said she’s long known the four words she’d write to end the series. After she departed the show before its seventh and final season, never using the planned four words, many fans thought she’s spill. She didn’t. And it’s a good thing, because now she has a chance to put the final phrase in writing.

In an interview with TVLine, Lauren Graham revealed that she does know the four words, and that when she asked Sherman-Palladino who spoke them, she told her, “Both of you.” However, Graham revealed that they’re not spoken in unison. Rather, it’s an exchange.

Now, the question is: Do we assume it’s an exchange between Lorelai and Rory?

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