“Jenny’s Wedding” Reviews Round-Up

The first couple of reviews for “Jenny’s Wedding” have been released. Given that Alexis has a supporting role outside the family in the movie the reviews focus mostly on the performances of co-star Katherine Heigl and the actors portraying her family. So far the reviews aren’t overly enthusiastic about the storyline but they do praise the cast for their performances. This post will be updated when new reviews appear online.

“And because Jenny’s romantic interests are presented strictly in terms of marriage and family, we never get a strong sense of exactly who her Ms. Right is and what their relationship is like, which seems like a considerable waste of Bledel’s talents.”
– Justin Chang, Variety

“For all of the film’s clunky missteps and tentative tip-toeing, though, the cast still shines through. Gummer’s younger sister character seems to have a bad case of Jan-from-“The-Brady-Bunch” disease, considering herself unloved and unwanted next to the Marsha-like Jenny. When Anne stops worrying about her sister’s happiness and her parent’s attitudes and takes her life into her own hands, however, it’s gripping and intriguing viewing. Wilkinson and Emond also bring no small amount of skill and grace to their work as a couple who seem to be burying all of their long-standing problems under a comfortable blanket of what’s best for the kids.”
– James Rocchi, TheWrap

“Luckily, Donoghue’s first-rate cast does its highly skilled darnedest to turn even the most ham-handed of the film’s heart-to-hearts and spats into something resembling real life. Aside from Heigl, convincing as a stubborn, principled woman more like her parents than she’d care to acknowledge, Wilkinson and Emond are especially good, inhabiting their roles with unfussy gravitas. Rose is the film’s richest character — a kind but conventional person forced to broaden her worldview — and Emond (Spike Lee’s Oldboy, Cinemax’s The Knick) plays her with a bracing nervous energy.”
– Jon Frosch, The Hollywood Reporter

Written by C.