Alexis joins industry reading of “Sacrilegious”

Sacrilegious, a new play written by Academy Award-winning screenwriter Tom Schulman (Dead Poets Society), will receive two industry readings in New York on May 7 and 8. Andy Sandberg (Application Pending) directs.

The reading’s cast features Tony nominee and Drama Desk winner Reed Birney (Casa Valentina), Alexis Bledel (Mad Men), Tony nominee Rob McClure (Honeymoon in Vegas), Kevin Pariseau (Legally Blonde), and Kenneth Tigar (Fish in the Dark).

In Sacrilegious, “Billionaire David Katz (Birney), once convicted of felonies for his financial misdeeds, donates twenty million dollars to his temple provided they name their school after him. Young, newly installed rabbi Mark Pickerman (McClure) strenuously objects and offers the congregation an alternative option. A struggle for the hearts and minds of the congregation — as well as those of Katz, Rabbi Pickman, and Katz’s beautiful daughter Elissa (Bledel) — ensues.”


Written by C.