Fox won’t burn off “Us & Them” episodes

Us & Them, Fox’s remake of UK comedy Gavin and Stacey, has been a dead show walking since last October, when the network halted production on the series, released the actors, and basically told everyone to go home.

Still, Fox officially held out the prospect that it might eventually air the seven episodes of the Alexis Bledel/Jason Ritter romantic comedy, either in mid-season or this summer. Welp, even that won’t happen: A Fox insider confirms to Vulture that Ritter and Bledel fans hoping for a burn-off run of the episodes are never gonna get it, and that the network simply won’t be airing the show at all (even though critics such as our own Margaret Lyons called the pilot “darling and full of promise.”)

There’s still a slim chance viewers might yet see the episodes elsewhere, however. Producer Sony Pictures Television could decide to put Us & Them on its own online streaming platform (Crackle), or it could strike a deal with a streaming network such as Amazon Prime or Hulu for the rights.

Written by C.