New look at Alexis Fan

Welcome to the brand new version of Alexis Fan. While our last layout wasn’t up that long (only 2 1/2 months) I just had to put this one up as soon as I got it. This beautiful layout, which comes with a matching gallery theme, has been designed by the very talented Ray from Oh My Morning. I really hope you like it as much as I do! If you spot any errors please let me know!

Lately I’ve been going through the content of the website and I’ve been updating pages here and there. I will continue working on this behind the scenes so be sure to check the content pages every now and then to find some new and updated content!

That’s it for now. Check back soon for captures from The Brass Teapot and Violet & Daisy and some brand new content. For now I hope you enjoy the new look!

Written by C.

1 Comment on “New look at Alexis Fan

  1. Congratulation, it is beautiful! just the side for me is strange in gray shades (Oh in fact I like it 🙂 lol) seams like something you can’t click on. and the last thing is the blue ligne in her hair at the back of this first page. Is it left on purpose? Well done for the work!

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