Catching up with Alexis

Alexis Bledel, formerly known for her roles in “Gilmore Girls,” “The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants” film series and, most recently, the drama-thriller, “The Kate Logan Affair,” now lives in Brooklyn and has decided to “dip her toe” into the world of theater with a four-week role in Norah and Delia Ephron’s “Love, Loss, and What I Wore” at the Westside Theatre through Sunday, February 13. We chatted with the lovable Texas-bred starlet yesterday about her live theater debut, how to cook a better brisket and of course, New York fire safety.

Let’s talk about opening night — which is actually tonight [Thursday] — are you nervous?
Well, we had two performances yesterday that were previews but it’s been an accelerated process that we only started this week, so I guess I am nervous.

What about stage fright — sorry, are we freaking you out yet?
No! (laughs) I don’t really get stage fright because I’m just as nervous backstage as I am on-stage. I think the cure is just doing it and once it’s over, [stage fight] is cured. But the nervousness is good. It’s really just excitement, as long as you look at it in a positive way.

You’re really thrown into this show with a rotating cast every four weeks. What’s that like?
It’s a very intimate little theater and even in the backstage area, we’re all kind of in the same space getting ready so it’s the most fun in the dressing room. A lot of our own stories come out and since the nature of the show is about women sharing their experiences and what they’ve been through, I think it inspires that [same practice] within the actors. The rehearsal process is over two days, so the bonding is very immediate.

You’re living in Brooklyn now, which is cool. Do you have any neighborhood gems?
I’ve moved around a lot in Brooklyn so I’ve enjoyed a lot of neighborhoods but I’m not the kind of person to ask where to go!

You should read City’s Best.
I am definitely the kind of person that reads City’s Best, but doesn’t write it!

Whew, our jobs are safe! In other news, how are you putting up with the snow?
Pretty well, I think. I enjoy it because I didn’t grow up in this kind of climate, so it’s really fun to look outside my windows and see all the trees dusted in snow.

We also heard you like to cook. What’s the best thing you’ve made lately?
I was at home in Texas for Christmas so I’ve been trying out barbecue recipes. I made a brisket — it was good, like falling off the bone — but the real way to make it is in a smoker.

We have friends that put those things on their fire escapes. You should get one!

But we’re not so sure it’s up to fire code.
It’s probably not, I don’t think you’re supposed to put anything out there! (laughs) Fire safety first!

See the latest cast of Love, Loss, and What I Wore, featuring Alexis Bledel, Nikki Blonsky, Anita Gillette, Judy Gold and Pauletta Washington. Attendees are encouraged to donate gently loved purses and accessories to Dress for Success via donation boxes located in the lobby.

Written by C.