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C. October 17, 2010 2 Comments

Alexis Bledel and her Gilmore Girls co-star Lauren Graham are featured in the Entertainment Weekly Reunion Issue. The did a gorgeous shoot for the magazine. It is so great to see them together once again!

EW Do you think Lorelai and Luke would have had a kid?
Alexis Bledel: I think so.
Lauren Graham Oh,really? Yes, probably.
AB: Maybe, like, two.
LG: Two? Well, oh my goodness, we just got busy really fast! We didn’t even have the wedding.
AB: Well, it’s what the audience wanted.
LG: All right, well then, hey—we probably got married in year one. We’ve been away from the show three years. We had kid one in year two, and we had kid two in year three. That’s what Alexis says, and I am very overwhelmed by my toddlers.

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2 Responses to “Entertainment Weekly reunion issue”
  1. HD15 Says:

    Omg that is so great to see that they did an interview about gilmore girls again! God how I wish this show would come back!

  2. Linda cole Says:

    I am a huge fan of the Gilmore girls and we are still seeing it here in New Zealand. MY friend and i have been nicknamed the gilmore girls because we are always together .