Alexis Bledel Ponders a ‘Gilmore Girls’ Movie

Alexis Bledel has a lot on her plate, but ‘Gilmore Girl’ fans will be happy to hear that she won’t rule out a movie adaptation. She chatted with PopEater about that possibility, and how the show kept her out of trouble while the rest of young-and-beautiful Hollywood was out in the clubs.

She also talked about her new movie ‘The Good Guy’ (out Friday), the occasional ‘Sisterhood’ reunion and what it was like working with one of Hollywood’s most handsome men, Robert Redford.

Would you bring back Rory and do a ‘Gilmore Girls’ movie?
I don’t know. I was really happy with the way they wrapped up the series in the finale and I thought they brought the story full circle. It was very satisfying for me. I don’t know what the story would be, but I would be curious to find out what it would be.

How come I never saw any photos of you drunk in clubs? How did you avoid the pitfalls?
Fatigue. I was working so many hours on that show. We worked really long hours, and I moved to LA without knowing anyone so the people you saw on the show were the people I knew. There wasn’t much clubbing going on.

Still, after the show finished?

I do go out and blow off steam but I don’t seek attention when I’m doing it. You can’t really relax and have a good time when you’re being photographed, in my mind. That kind of kills the fun for me. I go to places where that doesn’t happen.

So ‘The Good Guy’ is about dating good guys and bad guys. Do you date good guys or bad guys?
Um, I don’t know. Mostly good guys I think.

Are you attracted to bad boys?
Not if I’m aware of it… I don’t know. It’s so funny to try to define people as good or bad. I know that’s the theme of the film but no, not really. I’ve been pretty lucky to date so many nice guys.

I mean the too nice guys. Do you ignore them?
It’s nice when someone is a nice guy but he has to have something that’s complicated, not too much (complication).

You studied at NYU. Any desire to go back and finish?
Yes, I’ve kind of taken a few classes in the past year or so. I don’t know if the goal is to finish the degree. I don’t think I would finish a film degree, but I really love taking classes just to exercise my brain a bit because you do so much of one type of work and you learn a lot about it but maybe not so much about other things, so I’m really kind of informing myself on other subjects.

When you first studied you weren’t famous and now you are. Are you treated differently?
What’s great is the students are so focused on getting their studies done and have enough going on in their lives; they’re not really concerned about me too much. So it works out alright.

So that must be a welcome change from LA?
Yeah, I feel a huge difference there. There’s so much of everything in NY. You don’t feel the fixation on the entertainment industry like you do in LA at all. Unless you seek it out, you’re not going to be bombarded with it or have it constantly brought up during the day.

You modeled while still in high school. How did you not get an eating disorder?
I had my head on pretty straight from an early age when it came to that. I noticed that that was an issue. Often they told me to lose a couple of inches around the hips and I would say no, ‘I’m a teenager, I’m not going to do that, and it’s not healthy for me.’ The thing was I was getting jobs and I was going to school and I couldn’t have done more jobs because of school so why would I lose weight for jobs that I couldn’t even do. It didn’t add up.

Ever do another TV series?
I’m not looking for it immediately, but I don’t rule it out. There are so many great shows on right now.

You just did a movie directed by Robert Redford, ‘The Conspirator.’ Were you completely intimidated or are you too young?
I think I’m too young.

Your mum must have died when you told her about it.
Yeah basically, but I was quite nervous every day on set because I wanted to do a good job. I wasn’t the most important character and I wanted to be sure I was doing everything right.

So did you offer to fetch him coffee?
(Laughs) No, he is so cool. He’s Robert Redford and everything you expect that goes along with that, but at the same time he’s really down to earth and easy to have a chat with.

You’re good friends with America Ferrera. Did you console her after ‘Ugly Betty’ was cancelled?
No, I haven’t had the chance to speak to her yet. We’ve been playing phone tag.

You’re friends with Amber Tamblyn too.
Yeah I’m friends with all three girls. We’ve all stayed in touch. We all live in New York or at least I live there some of the time.

Do the four of you ever get together?
It’s happened once or twice.

If a 12-year-old girl saw that she’d have a heart attack.
We laugh about it because we really can’t go out in public.

What would people be surprised to know about you?
Oh God, I don’t know. I feel like I’ve said so much at this point. I seem so uninteresting to myself. I’m not really clear on the way I’m perceived.

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