Alexis Bledel Picks ‘The Good Guy’

Alexis is wearing a cute dress off the rack at H&M and we got her to talk about modern relationships, why women pick guys who are maybe too much in charge and how she enjoyed that fact that the film is very “real”, even including a romantic love scene break to reach for a condom!

Alexis verified there will be no more “Traveling Pants” films and we talked about her very different upcoming role as a young woman living in the 1800’s in The Conspirator.

Q: Tommy and Daniel are almost polar opposites as guy types. Why do you think Beth originally goes for Tommy?

Alexis: At the beginning she has a pretty clear idea in her head about what she’s looking for in a man. I think when she meets Tommy he’s got everything she’s looking for and she’s really happy about that and she’s falling for him. But she can’t quite see (the real) him because of this ideal that she has.

So when she meets Daniel he’s probably got none of the things that she’s looking for. At first she doesn’t know what to make of him. I don’t think she meets a lot of guys like him so I think she’s really curious and as they develop a friendship she can’t figure him out. She wants to know more and that’s kind of how they start to get close.

Q: In this film, Scott Porter’s character Tommy sure isn’t who we think he is. Do you think we should end up feeling sorry for him as your character Beth does?

Alexis: I don’t think that I’ve ever actually said to someone, ‘I feel sorry for you.’ And at that point I think she’s wanting to hurt him. I think she’s trying not to be unkind. Maybe there’s nothing left to say at that point and that’s just what comes out.

So it was really an interesting scene, I’m not one to tell people what they should feel. I think you should feel whatever you feel at that point, after watching the film.

Q: Beth was so excited to get to go to Italy and disappointed when her trip falls through. Is there any place that you, Ms. “Traveling Pants” is dying to go?

Alexis: (she laughs) I’d love to sail around the Mediterranean. That would be nice. (In the film), I think it’s also a comment on modern life, if not modern love. Everybody has these things that they would like to do but work or life or family or whatever it is gets in the way. Those things exist. Those things inspire us, just as love does but they’re just things that we want to do. Sometimes a lot of people don’t get to but I think it’s nice to mention them because that adds and informs you a little bit about who she is as a character.

Q: Do you feel that Beth is just living her life according to Tommy’s schedule? Why wasn’t he ever living on her schedule?

Alexis: I think that’s just Tommy. That’s kind of his way of doing things. He likes to keep people at arm’s length and especially people he’s dating. He likes to keep people guessing because that probably gives him the control. In Beth’s mind, maybe that’s a part of her ideal man, that he is an anchor, that he gives her life some stability.

And maybe in a different kind of relationship she might discover that she could have more in her life like travel and other things if she were with a different kind of person. She’s trapped by her relationship.

Q: But yet, when she figures him out, she drops him just like that so she’s strong.

Alexis: Yeah, and I think that’s a New York woman, too.

Q: The film is pretty “real” about modern relationships. They include the moment when Beth reaches for a condom, adding some reality.

Alexis: I liked that part of the scene because it just adds a realistic [element]. Not an embarrassment but an awkwardness that happens. I mean there were a lot of little moments in the film that felt more realistic than in your average movie, a movie with a romantic storyline. That was one of them.

Q: Would you go back to TV or do a big studio film?

Alexis: Yeah. I’m open. There are great films made through studios and independently and great characters on television. I’m not really confined to one sort of medium. I’m just looking for interesting characters and good stories to do.

Q: Your character in The Good Guy is a very modern young woman but you just finished playing a woman living in the 1800’s; Sarah Weston who is caught up in the conspiracy to kill President Abraham Lincoln. Was that role a challenge? How did you prepare for it?

Alexis: Well, I was mostly a love interest but there were a lot of questions that I had about social propriety and certain manners that I thought I should have because I play Mary Surratt’s defense lawyer’s love interest. She’s from the north and she’s educated and I wanted her to be a contrast between her and this other nurse who was being accused.

But it was a story that I had not heard and so it was fascinating for me because most people are taught that John Wilkes Booth shot Abraham Lincoln and as it turns out there were a lot of conspirators involved in his murder and Mary Surratt was accused as one of them. But she ran a boarding house where they conspired and it’s about her trial and how it was completely unconstitutional.

Written by C.