“The Good Guy” Star Alexis Bledel on Infiltrating Wall Street

Since August 2007, Main Street has followed Wall Street’s escapades with not-exactly-checked outrage. Even though most of us aren’t exactly sure what credit default swaps are, we know they’re bad, led to a financial crisis and somehow brought down the entire country of Greece. So hedge funder-turned-director Julio DePietro’s timing for his new movie, “The Good Guy,” which flits between the bedroom and a Wall Street firm’s trading floor, is particularly fortuitous. The movie comes out tomorrow and brings together Alexis Bledel (”Gilmore Girls,” “Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants”), Scott Porter (”Friday Night Lights”) and Bryan Greenberg (”One Tree Hill,” “How to Make It in America”). Speakeasy caught up with Bledel, Greenberg and DePietro to chat about the film.

The Wall Street Journal: In “Postgrad,” your character moves to New York for her boyfriend, and in “The Good Guy,” she ends up staying for him, potentially abandoning a great career move. Why?

Bledel: In “Postgrad,” my character Ryden can be a career woman and she can have a relationship, but she’s been inconsiderate. She realizes she loves [Zach Gilford’s character] at that point in her life and needs to go explore that further. Beth, my character in “The Good Guy,” is romantic and because she has this ideal, I think that has her feeling sort of trapped. I think it depends on whether women have it all.

OK, here’s an example. Taylor Swift has been getting some backlash recently because she mostly writes about waiting for true love at 15. Whereas, Beyonce, at that age, was writing about owning her own house and being independent. Do you think the two can be reconciled?

I think everyone wants to be swept away. It kind of dampens the fun and emotion of [being in love] to think about the realistic repercussions about what their life might do to alter yours. It’s good to walk a fine line. When you’re a 15 year-old you don’t really know yet. Taylor Swift and Beyonce are two different artists with two different priorities. And it’s good for girls to have both as examples.

You are diplomatic.

I am very diplomatic.

Do you have any moratoriums on the type of guys you’ll date as a result of this movie? i.e., no finance guys?

I’m pretty open minded. To me it’s more romantic to think that it’s possible to meet people from any walk of life. You might connect with them. I don’t think that I have a type.

What’s next for you? I heard rumors of a “Gilmore Girls” movie. Can you confirm or deny?

I just finished a film called “Conspirators,” which was directed by Robert Redford. I haven’t read anything about a “Gilmore Girls” movie. I really liked the way they wrapped up our story in the finale. They brought it full circle.

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