Interview #3

Imagine this—a Gilmore Girls movie!

It may not be in the works right now, but that doesn’t mean it won’t happen some day.

In fact, Alexis Bledel, who played Rory opposite Lauren Graham on the hit drama series, says she’s kinda open to it…

“I don’t know what story is left to tell,” Bledel, now 28 told me yesterday during a chat at the Four Seasons Hotel. “But I’d very curious to read a script.”

Wouldn’t Rory be a mother by now?

“Oh my god—a baby bump! Could you imagine,” Bledel said with a laugh. “I actually always thought they were going to do that in the series. Since Lorelai got pregnant early, I thought my character was supposed to get pregnant early because she had all these boyfriends. Rory always had boyfriends.”

And speaking of boyfriends, Bledel stars in the upcoming flick The Good Guy as a young New Yorker who finds out the love of her life (Scott Porter) is, well, a cheating douchebag.

Bledel said she’s never dated someone similar, explaining that her love life is “not as exciting as the movie.”
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She just wrapped The Conspirator, a Robert Redford-directed, post-Civil War period piece about Mary Surrat, the only woman among the eight people arrested and charged with conspiring to assassinate President Lincoln along with his vice president and secretary of state.

Bledel would love to do an action movie someday. “I’m sporty,” she smiled. “But even if I’m not the action hero, I could be like one of the techies.”

And she’s been thinking about theater, too. “I don’t know that I see myself belting one out on stage, like singing on Broadway,” Bledel said. “But I think a dramatic play would be really cool.”

Gilmore Girls: The Play anyone?


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