Interview #2

These days Alexis Bledel is trying her hand at being a film star and stepping away from television after seven years on the hit WB-turned-CW show Gilmore Girls. There she literally grew up before audience’s eyes as the bookish but fast-talking Rory who experienced first love, academic success, heartbreak, and even a spot of legal trouble. Now, though, she is just looking for more “adult” roles, which is why she took the part of Beth, a Manhattanite stuck between two suitors in Julio DePietro’s directorial debut, The Good Guy.

“That’s all I can really do [to break out of Rory’s shadow], and try to find variety…I just try to find roles that seem interesting and entertaining,” Bledel shrugs nonchalantly at the press junket for The Good Guy.

But so far her film characters aren’t too far a stretch from Rory. In The Good Guy, Bledel’s character is a New York professional who has just ended a relationship with a married man and entered into a new one with a sweet-charming Wall Street guy (Friday Night Light’s Scott Porter). She is an avid reader and partakes in a book club where they read classics like “Lolita.” More importantly, though, she finds herself losing trust in her big league boyfriend and being pulled toward a secretive and quiet fellow reader (played by Bryan Greenberg).

And Bledel also just worked with Robert Redford, James McAvoy, and Robin Wright in a film about the assassination of Abraham Lincoln due out later in the year, called The Conspirator. In that film she portrays the girlfriend of the attorney (McAvoy) who defends a woman falsely accused of aiding in the planning of the assassination. Asking about that Bledel’s eyes widen and she gets animated: “It was awesome! I love period pieces!”

Bledel admits that she’s “not looking for [another series] right now…I would love to do a psychological thriller; I have one that I’m helping develop right now.” Bledel, who went to NYU for a year to study writing and directing, says she would like to step behind the camera as a producer but “I think I need to learn a little bit more about [it] first.”

The Good Guy opens on February 19.


Written by C.