Top ten comedies of the decade put together a list of the best comedies of the decade. Gilmore Girls is number 6 on the list.

6. Gilmore Girls: Aside from finally giving a great role to Lauren Graham, who had been on my “Why won’t someone make this woman a star?” list for years, this program featured the best dialogue this side of Aaron Sorkin’s White House, and one of the great mother/daughter relationships in TV history. And in an era where TV teen role models consisted of the brats on The O.C. and everyone on MTV, Rory Gilmore (Alexis Bledel) was an oasis of wit and charm.

The top ten is as following.

10. Malcolm in the Middle
9. Scrubs
8. Friends
7. How I Met Your Mother
6. Gilmore Girls
5. South Park
4. Arrested Development
3. Curb Your Enthusiasm
2. 30 Rock
1. The Office

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